February 6, 2020

Water is Vital Kenya

Water is Vital Kenya, Kenya

Cost: 75,000+ USD

Web: www.facebook.com/WaterisVital

Location: Kagwa Village, Kenya

Type: Humanitarian Water Aid 

Benefactors: 21,200 people including 3,200 men, 5,500 women, and 12,500 children. 

Project Coordinator: Mr. Philip Ogonya

Contact: @HelloGAPSTeam

Project Description: Water security for 21,200 villagers. A close water source is needed to support the vulnerable children and elderly who depend on others to haul the water for them. The vulnerable population do not receive adequate water intakes. A water irrigation system is anticipated as well as more gutters and increased volume storage tanks. Additionally water testing systems will be implemented to ensure drinking water safety.   Corporate Sponsorship, Technology Partners, Volunteers, and Donations all welcome.